We're glad you found our Around the World travel site. Although the trip concluded in 2006 we are still reminiscing about our year on the road and are happy to answer any questions you may have. For those who think a trip such as ours is impossible, we'd like to dispel any of those thoughts. Usually people think that a trip of this length cost heaps of money or required having won the lottery. That's just bullocks! Here's a bit on our background which we hope will inspire your own trip of a lifetime!


  • Vietnam - the crew at treat's once again

  • slovakia - the tree graveyard

  • mexico - Larry and Brad Perkins

  • Hungary - parliament building in budapest

  • croatia - vis

  • NewZealand - north coromandel peninsula

  • Greece - changing of the guards in front of the parliament building in athens

  • Laos - 4:30 morning view from the village we stopped at off the Nam Tha

  • Vietnam - craig at the temple of literature

  • czech - another photo of the national theater where we saw the ballet "Taming of the Shrew"

  • Thailand - luvin' the safety pads

  • NewZealand -

  • Turkey - bosphorus straight

  • Turkey - sunset from the terrace of our pension in selcuk

  • Vietnam - hoan kiem lake

  • mexico - Carol Perkins

  • canada - Notre Dame Basilica

  • Romania - cute old lady sitting on the bench at the art muesem in bucharest

  • Vietnam - sunset on our motorbike trip from china beach to hoi an

  • Cambodia - you don't see that every day

  • Turkey - Ephesus Stadium

  • NewZealand - another view of the auckland harbor from the sky tower

  • Laos - not feeling to excited about this ride

  • Greece - monestary in meteora

  • Laos - bugs not allowed

  • Vietnam - craig on our trek in sapa

  • canada - view of Montreal from the mount

  • Vietnam - view from our trek on cat ba island


We're currently in Melbourne and made it to Australia with no problems. We left NZ on Wednesday and we were in quite a mood after being told we wouldn't be refunded our money for the damage done to our rental car. The only way they would is if the police had caught the @#@!@ which they had no luck... read more


Today we took the 1.5 hour bus ride from Sopron, Hungary to Vienna, Austria. It still continued to rain today, but we decided a museum would be a good thing to do while it rained. We chose the Haus der musik museum. This was nice change of pace from the other museums we've been to in Europe. The mus... read more


Sleeping is impossible when staying in the dorms. Once the first person gets up, others slowly begin to rise and within a half hour the entire room is up. This is how our rainy cold day in Sarajevo began. A short slightly warm shower and we were still not ready to begin a day of touring. We spent a... read more


We woke up around 7:45 am this morning to get our free breakfast from our guest house. After stuffing our food in our mouth as fast as we could to catch our 9:00 am bus we checked out of our guest house and headed to the tourist office. The lady at the tourist off told us to leave our bags there and... read more


After a good nights sleep we woke up to a rainy day. Since we were only in town for 1 day we grabbed our raincoats and umbrella and headed into town. We took the long way to the Roman amphitheater to get a better view of what the city had to offer outside of the center. Once we arrived at the amp... read more


I was speaking with Francie, one of the owners of our hostel, last night after she returned from a deep tissue massage and found out it was really cheap to get a massage here. 300 Krown ($12) for a hour long massage. I've had a knot in my back that has been bothering for the last six months and I th... read more


We arrived in Athens this morning after a 9 hour flight from Bangkok. We left at 12:30 am so we were served dinner at 2:00 am. It reminded us of our college days where we'd eat after the bars closed at the local Perkins. Not good for the waistline. Once we arrived in Athens the entry process was... read more


We will be taking off for a trip to Hong Kong on Sept. 15th, 2007 and the thought of it makes us all giddy! ... read more


With a 10:00 am checkout and a 4:20 pm bus to Sopron, we had to pack up our bags, but leave them at the pension. Days like this are always interesting. You have to find something to do without have a home base. We started the day by doing a little shopping. I bought a new sweater which I think I wil... read more


With a long day of traveling we landed in Dublin at 10:00 pm. At the airport Tina was given a warning by passport control about needing more pages in her passport soon. This is probably because the stamp for Ireland takes up a full page in your passport. Other than that we didn’t have any problem... read more


Today we were due at the olive farm. We took a train to Grosseto and checked out the city before getting picked up by the owners friend Barbara. As we made our way through the Tuscan countryside my stomach had butterflies because I was so excited about the area and our upcoming experience on the f... read more


**Heads up-this travelogue is really long. So if you want to look busy at work copy it into a Word document and you'll get out of real work for about 30 minutes!!! We woke up at 7:15 AM to begin an amazing day. We started off with a quick breakfast at our guest house and were taken down to t... read more


Tina’s cousin Nick and his fiancée Angie decided to get married on the island Isle Mujeres in Mexico and without jobs yet how could we refuse? We rented a house for the week and enjoyed the company of Ron, Linda, Chad and Stephanie as our housemates. We had a great house right on the ocean with a... read more


We took the first train from Ronda to Algeciras today which left at 9:30am. As we walked to the station the city seem deserted We thought everyone might have a sugar hangover from last night, but in reality it was a holiday so people were home for the day. After a quick 2 hour train ride we arriv... read more

New Zealand

Today we landed in Auckland around 12:00 after what was a 14 hour flight. After getting through customs without any incidents we found a city shuttle and were on the way to stay at our first ever hostel. Initially is was very strange to be driving on the left side of the road but that's the beauty... read more


Our plans for the day were to enjoy a bit more of the town and then grab the 12:00 bus to Krakow. The temperature outside was a chilly 37 when we woke up so we dressed in layers and took to the streets. The night before we had stumbled upon a ski jump area so we headed back that way to grab a few p... read more


We woke up to pouring rain which confirmed it would be a museum day today. One of the great things about Portugal is most of the museums are free on Sundays. Once the rain turned to a sprinkle we hit the streets to walk to the Museu Calauste Gulbenkian. We were caught in the a complete down pour on ... read more


Got a good night's sleep and woke up to catch the next train from Sofia, Bulgaria to Bucharest. As we watched the world pass by our car window we noticed a disconcerning sight-dew on the grass. We both thought we might have wanted Dena to bring some warmer clothes then we did, but hoped it would b... read more


Today we left Vienna for Bratislava, Slovakia. The border crossing was easy and went quickly but I was bummed as the guard just came on the bus, looked at our passports and got off. That meant we didn't get a Slovakia stamp entering the country but I'm hoping I can get one on the way out. Once we... read more


Sleeping in until 9 am today we woke up, showered and went across the street to pick up some muesli and yogurt for breakfast. After breakfast the owner of our hostel drove us to the town center with a quick tour of the town. We spent the day just meandering around the town. We did visit the Ljubljan... read more


Since we got to our hostel at around 2 am last night we were pretty wiped. As we walked from the bus stop to the hostel on Las Ramblas there were guys selling cans of beer throughout the entire ped mall. We've had a lot of things offered to us while traveling but this one actually made a bit of se... read more


We landed in Bangkok at 5:00 am yesterday. It was so hot this early in the morning. We walked around Bangkok yesterday and sweated the entire time. We sweat more just walking around yesterday than we did on our 1/2 hour runs in Australia. The hostel we are staying is 600 baht ($15) a night with free... read more


After 5 hours on 3 buses and 9 hours on a train we made it to Instanbul the morning of the 9th. We checked into our hotel for 8 euros a night or so we thought. We showered and were escorted to one of the many travel agencies here by one of the staff at the hotel. At the travel agency we had our firs... read more


Warning-this travelogue may cause heart palpitations in our parents. Best read while sitting down or while consuming mass quantities of booze. Very long post.** Today we make the trip to cross the Laos/Vietnam border. Having decided on this border crossing at the beginning of our trip we felt t... read more