G'Day from Melbourne

March 23, 2005

We're currently in Melbourne and made it to Australia with no problems. We left NZ on Wednesday and we were in quite a mood after being told we wouldn't be refunded our money for the damage done to our rental car. The only way they would is if the police had caught the @#@!@ which they had no luck doing so that was a crappy way to go out. But to show you just how easily things can turn around with our moods as soon as we boarded our flight our mood changed drastically. We flew on Emirates for the first time and we got a row to ourselves; which is always a good thing. So we sit down and note how new the plane is and we are pumped to have our own TV screens. The flight is only 4 hours so we figured we'd have to pay for entertainment but this was our day! Not only was everything free it included movies, TV programs, music and video games. We were kids in a candy store. Then the flight attendants come through with the dinner menu and we saw complimentary drinks and we were in heaven. After we took off we reclined back and proceeded to watch Sideways and eat salmon(just Craig, I got his extra veggie friendly fare), cheese and crackers, cake, chocolates, a salad and veggies. Of course we washed it down with a couple of bottles of red wine since it only seemed appropriate as the movie is based on a wine outing of two friends and to be honest they were making us thirsty talking about wine so much. We decided we hadn't eaten this well since we left home. After the movie we finished off with a game of Centipede and an episode of Scrubs. I think this was the first ever flight were we actually didn't want to land. But alas we did at about 9:00 pm and got to our hotel with no problems.

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