Touring the city

March 25, 2005

Today is Good Friday and we decided to check out the city and do some general sightseeing. What we didn't realize is that the city shuts down on Good Friday. It was like a ghost town, but we didn't have to fight the crowds. We found a great little Greek restaurant and got our tanks full and off we were to visit the various sites. We had just taken some pictures of St. Patrick's Cathedral when we were approached by a guy asking if we were having a good time photographing Melbourne. We chatted for a bit and he was curious of our travel plans in Australia as he thought he could give us some tips. Evidently he was into dancing and wanted to give us the inside track on the dancing scene but unfortunately we just don't have dancing on our itinerary. We talked some more and are ready to part ways and he says he'd love to give us a tour of the city if we were okay with that. Craig and I gave each a look and obliged wondering what the catch was. So he took us around the parks and places of interest in the city for about 2 hours. It was the strangest thing ever because the whole time I'm wondering what the hell he really wants and after talking with Craig he was thinking the same thing. Everything worked out but there was still a part of us which thought it was a bit odd. He seemed very passionate about his city so perhaps he wanted to share his knowledge about Melbourne with us. Regardless we learned more about the city so one never knows. After our adventure we headed back to the hostel to get about 4 hours of sleep. This hostel prides themselves on not setting too many rules but I guess some think that's an open door to play blaring music in the courtyard until 5:00AM. We were staying right across from the Queen Victoria Market as well which opens up at 6:00 am so with the music and the vendors getting their booths set up we didn't do so well in the sleep department. This place is most definitely the biggest dump we've stayed in throughout our trip.

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