Our first Kangaroo sighting

March 28, 2005

We got into Eden on Sunday morning at 6:00 am after a 6 hour bus ride. We didn't get too much sleep but we saved on one night's accomodations. Every $ counts! While checking into our hotel the owner told us to watch for kangaroos across the street at the golf course. Just as she said that there were a group of about 5 hanging out. The next day we did a long walk along the coast of Eden and headed over to the golf course to get a better look at the roos. Since there were plenty of golfers on the course we had to be careful not to get pegged by a ball but after about 10 minutes of walking we came across a group of 3. We carefully approached the kangaroos and they just looked at us with curiosity. Craig was able to get some good pictures of the three and while he had his back turned another group of 8 kangaroos came bounding down the green. At first I thought they came in as backups for the others but they stopped short of Craig and just hung out. It was nice to see them out and about doing there thing without having to pay an entrance fee at a park or something. The golf course was also home to parrots and cockatoos which were gorgeous.

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