Batemans Bay to Wollongong

Heading up the east coast of Australia

March 31, 2005

After spending a couple of days in Batemans Bay we got into Wollongong today. Batemans Bay was a nice area to relax but was lacking in activities we could do on foot. Unfortunately most of the beaches could only be accessed by car and since we are traveling by bus this time we can't get to most of the things we'd like. We did get a lesson in bowling by the locals in Batemans Bay which looks like a fun game and seems similar to indoor shuffleboard.

We decided to stop in at Wollongong as it has some nice beaches and is the 9th largest city in Australia so we knew there would be some decent shopping and restaurants. We did a nice walk along the coast and watched the surfers for a bit before continuing on to the northern beaches in Wollongong.

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