Wollongong to Sydney

We're in Sydney

April 2, 2005

Today we took the bus from Wollongong to Sydney. It was only 2 hour ride. Once we got off the bus in Sydney we headed directly to the harbor to take ferry to the town of Manly where we had reservations for the night. Luckily enough the ferry ride took us right by Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It’s amazing seeing the Opera House in person after seeing it for so many years only by picture or TV. It was a beautiful day for a boat ride too. The ferry ride took us about ½ hour to get to Manly. After getting off the ferry we headed right to our hostel. We found the hostel and found out the reception area was closed. We were confused because we told the guy we would be there at 1:00pm and he said it would better if we showed up at 1:30. I looked at my watch and it was 1:45pm. I could here voices behind the counter and since he told us to be there at 1:30 I knocked on the board and said in kind of a pissy mood, “Can we check in?” He peeked his head around the corner and asked if we could come back in twenty minutes. He said we could wait in the lounge where they had a TV. So we headed to the lounge area and on our way there I noticed 3 computers with free internet access, SCORE. Tina sat down to watch TV while I took advantage of free internet to check my email. I finished checking my email after a few minutes so I went to the couch and sat down next to Tina. We sat there for a few minutes watching the end of one the Batman movies. Tina turns to me and says, “UH we’re at the wrong hostel”. We tore the page out of our hostel book and we were looking at the wrong side of the page. Both places were only a few blocks apart. We left the building laughing about what we just did. On the way out the guy said, “Aren’t you going to check in?” We walked away and I said, “We are at the wrong place”. Thanks for the free internet! I guess that explains the office being closed and the guy telling us to show up and 1:30. We found the right hostel and checked in. This hostel is one of the cleanest and cheapest we have been at, so we decided to stay in Sydney for a week. Originally we only planned on staying here for four or five days.

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