Blue Mountains

April 9, 2005

Today we took a 2 hour train ride from Sydney to Katoomba which is located in the Blue Mountains. We got into town around 1:00 pm, checked into our hostel and headed directly to the Blue Mountains for a 2 hour hike.

Later that night we had a BBQ with everyone at our hostel and met some guy from London.Tina and I both were drinking a 800 ml bottle of beer a piece with our dinner. This made our new friend thirsty for his own beer and asked us if we wanted to got to the pub with him. We did and ended up having a great night. We played pool together as partners and beat several people, which was good since each game cost $2. The night ended making us really over our budget for the day, but this was the first we really went out to a pub since we started traveling.

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