Fraser Island

Worlds Largest Sand Island

April 16, 2005

Today we toured the Fraser Island which is the largest sand island in the world. To get on the island we traveled in a 4X4 bus. To get the bus to the island they had to load it on a barge. It only took 10 minutes for the barge to take us and the bus to the island from the mainland. The island does not have roads and is 125km long so the 4WD comes in handy.

Fraser Island was formed during the ice age when the prevailing winds transported the vast quantities of sand from New South Wales and deposited it along the coast of Queensland forming the island. In this fragile eco system the rain forest consists of huge satinay and brush box, kauri pines, piccabeen palms and the rare angiopteris fern which is one of the largest ferns in the world. All this growing in pure sand! O.K so I stole a few lines from another site about Fraser Island, so what. I may slide a few more in before I'm done.

Fraser Island has a creek going through it called the "Invisible River." It's called the "Invisible River" because it doesn't look like your typical river. The water is so clear; only a few inches deep and runs over white sand. It looks more like a sandy path then a river. Also, the river doesn't have any rocks in it so it doesn't create any rapids. This also means it doesn't create any sound. A very cool sight to see in the middle of the rainforest. The water maybe the cleanest water in the world. It takes 60 years for the rain water seeping through the ground to get to the river. It seeps through the sand making it a great filtration system.

One of the coolest parts of our tour on Fraser Island was our stop at Lake McKenzie. Lake McKenzie has been created with a 100% of rain water making it crystal clear. Lake McKenzie is also surrounded by white silica sand making it a picturesque place to swim. The silica sand is also very useful. The silica sand is great for exfoliating the skin, shining your jewelry and conditioning your hair. It wasn't a very manly thing to do, but i did partake in rubbing the sand all over my body and I must say my skin was silky smooth the rest of the day. I also rubbed it in my hair and again my hair felt soft for two days. We both bought $8.95 wedding bands from Wal-Mart to use on the trip so we didn't have any jewelry to shine. Swimming in the lake was incredible too because it was crystal clear. Since the lake is pure rain water it didn't hurt to open your eyes underwater unlike swimming in the ocean or a swimming pool. Very Cool!

Here is a photo of the rainbow we saw from the Island.

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