Final thoughts on Australia

April 25, 2005

Goodbye Australia. Tomorrow is our last day in Australia. We've been here for 5 weeks and here are our thoughts on the country. Since we traveled by bus we were somewhat limited to what we were able to see but overall we thought Australia was pretty but life moves at a quicker pace here than in New Zealand. The areas we visited are along the tourist trail so inevitably they are bigger towns with more stuff to do but also more people to deal with. The east coast of Australia is a great place for surfing and beaches. We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of nice beaches and boardwalks which we could hang out on during our stay. The wildlife is quite diverse in Australia and we've seen a good cross section during our trips. At our hostel in Airlie Beach there was a giant python on the wall of the main building. One of the highlights of our trip were seeing the kangaroos at the start of the trip. It was nice to see them our in nature along with the parakeets and cockatoos. We weren't lucky enough to see any dingos or koalas during the trip. Overall we felt that Australia was a nice country to visit and we're grateful we had the opportunity to do so. However, we didn't feel like we got the cultural experience we wanted because around each corner was a KFC or McDonalds and the stations played The Simpsons incessitantly. If we visit again we most definitely would hit the west coast to see more of the outback.

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