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Tour of Angkor Wat

July 17, 2005

We started today by having our tuk tuk driver pick us up from our guest house at 7:00 am. As entered the Angkor Temples we first had to buy our passes. The one day pass was $20 per person while the three day pass was $40 per person. We opted for the three day pass. We spent the entire day visiting six of the different temples. I don't remember any of the temples names and they wouldn't mean anything to you anyway, unless you've been there and in that case I bet you don't remember either. The temples were simply amazing. The detail put into this place thousands and thousands of years ago is truly amazing. It's really hard to believe they are still in reasonable condition. I believe the temples in their prime would still put most modern creations to shame. We took over three hundred photos of the place in two and half days. Here are just a few.

We ended our tour of the temples by watching the sunset from the top of one of a temples. This particular temple was also on top of a hill. This temple became very crowed around sunset. I have to say the sunset was decent, I couldn't call it amazing at all. I think the sunset from this temple is overrated, but maybe it was just a bad one today. On top of this temple I noticed Sebastian, the guy from Holland we talked at the bus stop in Luang Namtha, Laos. This is just one of several instances like this. All the backpackers are on somewhat of the same circuit here in SE Asia. We also ran into a couple from our bike trip in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our driver took us back to town and we told him to pick us up for the sunrise at the temples. He told us he would pick us up at 5:00 am. We found a cheap place to eat next to our guest house and went to sleep early to get up at 4:30 am tomorrow.

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