Siem Reap to Bangkok

Roller Coaster Ride

July 19, 2005

We checked out of our room at 8:30 AM and waited for our taxi driver to show. By 9 AM he was still not there and we began to wonder if he was going to show up. By 9:30 AM we went looking for him or another taxi driver. We returned to the location where found the driver the night before and started asking around. The first guy said he could get a taxi for us by 10:00 AM. We agreed to have him meet us at our guest house. We went back to the guest house and by 10:00 AM he was there. We loaded our bags in the trunk and we’re off, sort of. We drove around the block a few times looking for other passengers. Our driver asked us if we wanted to pay for 3 seats, if so, we could go right now. We declined and within twenty minutes the car was full. We had two Cambodian women in the back with us and two Cambodian men in the front with the driver. It was a tight squeeze for the four us in the back of this Toyota Camry. As usual we tore out of town which wasn’t bad at first until we got out of town. The road we were on was one of the worst roads we’ve been on in SE Asia and this guy is driving 80 km/hr down this rode. We’re grabbing on to each other and whatever else just to keep our head from smacking against the side of the car. I thought for sure the axle was going to break on this car. Toyota needs to do a commercial on how well the Camry can hold up on the roads in Cambodia at 80 km/hr. Most people pay $60 to enter an amusement park so they can ride roller coasters. We paid $5 a piece for our 2 hour and forty-minute roller coaster ride. What a deal! At the border we had to wait in line for twenty minutes to make it through. We didn’t have any problems with our border crossing. On the Thailand side we had to pay 100 baht for a tuk tuk to take us to the bus station. We caught the 3:00 pm bus, which happened to be the last bus of the day, and we were on our way to Bangkok. The bus was clean and had AC. The driver didn’t honk his horn every five minutes and he spoke English. Thailand seems so easy after traveling through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. We arrived in Bangkok at 8:00 PM at the bus station where we had to get another bus to take us into town. We found a room by 9:00 PM, we got some food and decided and find transportation to Koh Phangan in the morning.

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