August 6, 2005

Athens-Kalambaka - It's Greek to Me

We arrived in Athens this morning after a 9 hour flight from Bangkok. We left at 12:30 am so we were served dinner at 2:00 am. It reminded us of our college days where we'd eat a... continue reading

August 7, 2005

Kalambaka - Meteora Monasteries

Today we woke up after one of the best nights rest we've had in a long time. The town of Kalambaka is so utterly quiet and peaceful we almost forgot what it was like waking up at ... continue reading

August 24, 2005

Samos - Ferry from Turkey to Samos, Greece

Up early today to catch our ferry to Samos, Greece. There were a couple of girls staying at our guesthouse who were also heading that way so we grabbed a ride together to Kusadasi... continue reading

August 25, 2005

Naxos - Dena arrives and it's Christmas in August

Today we woke up as giddy as two kids on Christmas morning. We were planning on meeting Dena at the Naxos airport for her 1:30pm arrival and couldn't wait! Once we got up we got ... continue reading

August 26, 2005

Naxos - First Full day with Furst

Today we decided to explore the town of Naxos with Dena. To begin our exploration we walked out to the airport to get the box of goodies Dena packed. The box made it day later than... continue reading

August 27, 2005

Naxos - Head Stands

Today we really wanted to explore the island. We decided to find some trails and hike around for the day and hopefully end up on the beach. Our journey began on a similar route to ... continue reading

August 28, 2005

Naxos - Dumb and Dumber

Today we decided to rent some mopeds and tour the island. After we got our bikes squared away we were off to see what the island had to offer. We drove through many small village... continue reading

August 29, 2005

Naxos to Santorini - Beautiful Santorini

Since our ferry ride to Santorini was at noon today we decided to sleep in. Well Tina and I slept in. Dena woke up early and did some exploring on her own. After traveling for 6 mo... continue reading

August 30, 2005

Santorini - Hiking to Oia

We moved into our new room at grandmas today which has an amazing sunset view from the caldera side of Santorini. Once we were settled we got our hiking clothes on and started the... continue reading

August 31, 2005

Santorini - Santorini-the island of fabulous views, expensive breakfasts and long and winding stairs

We woke up sore and a bit stiff today after our hike but Dena and I had agreed to run the Santorini stairs the night before and we kept good on our deal. Rubbing our eyes and gett... continue reading

September 1, 2005

Santorini to Athens - How far to Athens?

We caught the 10:00 am ferry to Athens today and thought the ferry was only going to be an 8 hour trip. Once we got on the ferry we were forced to go to the upper deck since we bou... continue reading

September 2, 2005

Athens - Touring the Acropolis

First things first-Happy Birthday Chad!!! After our cramped sleeping quarters the night before we decided to move to another pension for more space and a homier environment. We... continue reading

September 3, 2005

Athens - The National Gardens and The Body Shop hunt

Day two in Athens and I was on a mission. I was jones'n for some girly products so we went on a wild goose chase to find a Body Shop store. Once we found the shopping area around... continue reading

September 4, 2005

Athens - That's a 6.4 from the US judge

Day 3 of our tour of Athens. Dena got up early today for a run and to check out the farmer's market which wasn't quite what she had in mind. It turned out to be more in line with... continue reading

September 5, 2005

Athens - Last Day with Dena

Our lovely Marble House Pension could no longer handle us. Actually our room was already booked for today before we even checked in. Tina & Dena spent the morning searching for a n... continue reading

September 6, 2005

Greece to Bulgaria to Romania - Riding the rails

On three hours of sleep we woke up this morning and helped Dena to the airport. It was hard to say goodbye but we know we'll see her again in about 3 months so that made it better... continue reading