Ferry from Turkey to Samos, Greece

August 24, 2005

Up early today to catch our ferry to Samos, Greece. There were a couple of girls staying at our guesthouse who were also heading that way so we grabbed a ride together to Kusadasi which is the main port for the Samos ferries. One of the girls happened to be from Omaha, Nebraska so that is the closest we've come to meeting somewhere near home. Before boarding the ferry we stopped at the nice duty free shop to try to use up the Turkish Lira burning a hole in our pockets. We splurged a bit a bought a Toblerone, chocolate bars, M&M's and some rum for Dena's welcome to Greece. Of course some made it to Greece and some didn't. The ferry ride was very nice and we sat up on the upper deck to catch a nice view of the islands that passed by us. Upon arriving into Samos we got through customs quite easily but did have a pushing contest with some very eager Romanians who didn't seem to understand the concept of a line. Luckily big backpacks tend to make us harder to push around. Once we bought our ferry tickets to Naxos we headed out in search of a beach to burn the hours until our ferry departed. As we walked through town we found a small path that looked liked it led down to a beach so we gave it a try. After a couple of scrapes and minor cuts we made it down to a rocky beach which was open to just ourselves. Smarter people probably wouldn't walk through thorn bushes. We immediately jumped into the refreshing water and cooled off a bit. Swimming and treading water worked up our appetite so we had a quick snack of an apple and tried to dry off a bit. We found out very quickly that the Greek sun and our malaria pills didn't mix so we had to jump back into the water to cool off our burning skin. The brand of malaria pills we were taking make your skin more sensitive to the sunlight so it was quite painful in Greece if we were in the sun too long. The time flew by and we headed back into town to grab a few groceries before our ferry left and made our way to the port. This ferry was even larger than the previous so we found a great seat inside with a table and comfy chairs so we could play some cards and read in comfort for our six hour ride. Upon arriving into Naxos our hosts Rena greeted us at the port with a big smile on our face and quickly drove us to their pension, Pension Sofi, and we called it a night.

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