First Full day with Furst

August 26, 2005

Today we decided to explore the town of Naxos with Dena. To begin our exploration we walked out to the airport to get the box of goodies Dena packed. The box made it day later than her original flight. To get to the airport we walked through town and along the beach where the wind surfers were out in full force. I had the camera with me and our new zoom lens Dena brought for us. I couldn't wait to use the new zoom lens. Here are some of my shots from the beach.

We arrived at the airport right as the plane was landing. The airport building was just slightly bigger than our old house, so it didn't take long to get the box. Once we got the box, we tore it open right away, pulled out the new day pack and start stuffing it with the rest of the items in the box which included some new clothes, snacks, and a supply of Ziploc bags. The warm clothes were very welcomed since we will be heading north in Europe for the Fall and we needed some replacement clothes for the ones turning to shreds. The snacks included sour patch kids, tootsie rolls, dill pickle potato chips, and homemade salsa care of Joan Furst. Thanks to Mom Ries for buying the snacks, getting our clothes together, and putting the package together. Also, thanks to Joan for the snacks and especially the salsa. Your salsa is so gooooood!!! On the way back from the airport we stopped at the super market to pick up some food for the night and another bottle of wine. Back at the room Tina thought the walk to the airport was not enough exercise and wanted to go for a run. Dena agreed to it and I was willing to to hold down the fort and let the girls go running. I also thought they would enjoy some time together to by themselves, plus I had new treats just waiting to be eaten. The were gone for 45 minutes and while they were gone I noticed the camera bag Mom Ries packed for us had the cable for me to hook the camera to the TV. Sweet, now I can preview the images on the TV instead of on the computer. Tina and Dena cleaned up and Tina began to cook us dinner. While Tina was cooking our friendly pension owner brought us some of his homemade red wine. Dena and I sat out on our balcony enjoying the homemade red wine. We finished off the red wine before Tina finished cooking and the owner brought us out some of his white wine. The three of us enjoyed the white wine with Tina's delicious gyros, chips and Joan's salsa while sitting on our balcony. The rest of the night was spent catching up with Dena and finishing off the bottle of wine we bought at the store. We may have returned to the store for another bottle of one later in the night. :)

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