Dena arrives and it's Christmas in August

August 25, 2005

Today we woke up as giddy as two kids on Christmas morning. We were planning on meeting Dena at the Naxos airport for her 1:30pm arrival and couldn't wait! Once we got up we got the room in order and went out to the reception area to make sure we could grab a ride w/ Rena to pick up Dena. The kid working the desk called Rena for us and she told me that Dena had missed her Paris to Athens flight and wasn't coming. I about flipped out when I heard that. Craig said I started to talk really loud and repeated "She's not coming?" Rena assured me that Dena was coming but had to find a new flight and arrangements from Athens to Naxos as she would also miss that flight. I calmed down a bit but was completely bummed because we didn't have a way to reach Dena and had no clue when she would be arriving. After checking our email and bumming around town a bit we headed back to the pension for a glass of wine. As we walked in the owner greeted us and told us Dena was taking the express ferry and she would be arriving at 8:30pm that night. We were so excited and he told us to sit down and he poured us some homemade wine and gave us a huge plate full of homemade goat cheese which completmented the wine perfectly. Immediately our moods changed from bummed to all smiles. We talked with the gracious owner a bit and come to find out he owns a farm and produces his own wine, goat cheese, olives, tomatoes and so on for his family and the guests of his pension. The wine and cheese were excellent and as we talked to another couple he would stop everyone on their way out for some wine or ouzo along with another treat he might have available. We quickly finished our wine and walked to the port to meet Dena's ferry in time. As her ferry came in we moved ourselves out of the crowd so we would see her and vice versa. Knowing she had had a long day we wanted to bring a glass of wine for her, but we decided it probably wouldn't had made it there anyway. :) Once we saw Dena coming down the boat we ran up to her and big hugs and some tears started to flow. I was so happy to see a friend again and didn't know where to start with catching up. We got into the van and the owner was so happy that Dena made it safely and before she had a chance to check in he told us to sit down again and this time served us some of his white wine, sardines w/ and without tomatoes, marinaded tomatoes and olives. We hit the jackpot! Great friends and great food, you can't go wrong. We tried to catch up and told the owner our thanks and decided to grab some more drinks and a gyro. Before we headed out though Dena had some goods to deliver so we sat patiently as she unloaded her huge pack worth of replacement clothes, pictures of our babies, dill pickle chips(Craig), sour patch kids(Tina), nuts and trail mix, hot cocoa mix and plenty of magazines to read while relaxing on the beach. I can't tell you how much this meant to us and how exciting it was to have a taste of home. After all of our appetizers we decided it was time Dena had her first gyro in Greece so we found a place by the waterfront that offered a nice gyro meal deal so we feasted on some yummy gyros and chatted the night away.

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