Dumb and Dumber

August 28, 2005

Today we decided to rent some mopeds and tour the island. After we got our bikes squared away we were off to see what the island had to offer. We drove through many small villages and the scenery was great. Water everywhere providing the best backdrop to the white washed houses and mountains that make up the island of Naxos. We drove everywhere our bikes would allow and some places they shouldn't have been taken, but we'll talk about that in a bit. Some of our first stops were in local pottery shops and it was hard to walk away empty handed as there were lots of great items to choose from. We also stopped into a little town which had a citron distillery so we tried a little sip and did some more window shopping in the cute town square.

Back on the road for some more sightseeing. As we came upon a lookout we tried to make it up but Craig's bike stalled a bit but eventually made it to the top where we took a few pictures. Unfortunately on the way back down his moped stopped running so he rode on the back of mine into town as we decided to grab some lunch fixens and find a nice shady spot to relax. The food was easy to find but a shady spot on the Greek islands is another story completely. We started up another hill to where a park was located but my moped quickly died as well so we coasted back down, ate our lunch and crossed our fingers that both our bikes would start eventually. After about 30 minutes we tried my bike and it started so we drove back to try Craig's and his did as well. Back into commission we continued our tour around the island and were having a ball. The sun was beating down on us so applied and re-applied our SPF 30 with hopes none of us would burn. We drove and drove and found out that Naxos is really hilly and Craig's bike wasn't fairing very well. After trial and error he discovered that when his bike would slow on the climbs he would jump off to run with it about 10 feet which would give it some momentum to continue climbing. This process continued throughout the rest of the day. It was the funniest sight to see and we were all reminded of the movie Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd and Harry where trying to make it to Aspen on their moped. It was funny and frustrating at the same time. Dena played guard to make sure either of us got left behind if our bikes stopped running. After a full day of exploring the island we made it back to our pension and returned the bikes and grabbed what we needed for dinner and spent another great night chatting out on our balcony.

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