Head Stands

August 27, 2005

Today we really wanted to explore the island. We decided to find some trails and hike around for the day and hopefully end up on the beach. Our journey began on a similar route to yesterday but we continued along the beach continually looking for the trails on our map. The trails just never appeared and we walked on a mix of paved and dirt roads following along the coast. We needed a destination so we picked a castle on the map. After several hours of hiking and asking a handful of people where to find this castle we think we found it. One gentleman said there was only one wall left and there wasn't much to see. We searched too long not to continue on and we are still not certain we found the castle wall. It was so small that it's not even worth it to put it on the site, but here are a few shots from the journey.

After our wonderful castle search we headed towards Plaka Beach where Dena treated us to some cold refreshing ice cream. These were a nice treat in the hot Greece sun, but we still needed to swim. We walked to the beach and immediately jumped in. The water was cool, clear and felt great. We enjoyed this for 45 minutes before making our trek back to our pension. The super market just happened to be on our way back, so we just happened to pick up another bottle of wine. Once we got back to our pension we all showered and decided we would go out to dinner tonight and we picked Picasso's Mexican restaurant as the place to go. After we cleaned up we were having a few glasses of wine when again our friendly pension owner brought us some of his homemade red wine. He also brought out a plate of tomatoes and olives fresh from his farm. These were so good.

We finished up the tomatoes and olives in no time and also the homemade wine. A nice appetizer and a little wine, were ready for dinner. He we are just before we left.

We tried a new route on our way to dinner and ended up getting lost in this amazing area we had no idea about. This area was full of small shops and restaurants packed with locals and tourist. This was a nice oops on our journey. Here are Tina and Dena doing a little shopping in this area.

We finally made it to the restaurant where we had wonderful Mexican food in Greece and a few more drinks still doing more catching up with Dena. I think Tina and I were doing most of the talking since we haven't had a good friend to talk to in 6 months. The meal was on Dena's mom, Joan Furst and the Mexican was so good. Thanks Joan!!!

After dinner we walked around town and ended up on our balcony again enjoying the night. While talking to Dena she informed us of the Furst tradition of doing a headstand and taking a picture of it at each place they visit. I said, "Let's do it." I used to stand on my head all the time as a kid and I figure we owe Joan for buying us dinner and sending us treats. Tina was a little reluctant since she has not had much experience at standing on her head, but she was ready to give it a try. We pulled the pillows off our beds and did it in front of our balcony. This was so much fun and hilarious to watch. The camera was on the tripod and on a 20 second timer. Once I hit the timer button we would start to count down out loud, Dena would help Tina get her legs up, I would run up next to them and we would all try to hold it by the time the timer finished. Since it was a night shot and I didn't want to use the flash, we also had to hold the pose for a few seconds while the shutter stayed open to prevent any blur in the photo. This was the best picture of them all. I have several other humorous shots from our many attempts.

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