Hiking to Oia

August 30, 2005

We moved into our new room at grandmas today which has an amazing sunset view from the caldera side of Santorini. Once we were settled we got our hiking clothes on and started the 16km round trip hike to Oia which is a nice town on the northern side of the caldera. As expected we passed by some amazing hotels which infinity pools to die for. We tried to comfort ourselves by saying we could always come back with the big bucks and stay in style for a week. For now a nice room at grandmas would have to do. The hike was beautiful and we passed by some picturesque churches where we came upon a couple getting married. Perhaps we could return to renew our vows or another fairytale would be that someone whose name rhymes with Lena might get married there and we can all experience the beauty of the island once again. I digress. The hike was fairly strenuous so we stopped in Oia for another lovely lunch of pb&j's, apples and some nuts. Can't beat the scenery though. The island of Santorini is exactly what I envisioned when I think of Greece. White buildings with colorful doors painted red, blue or green set against the clear blue sky and ocean. It was absolutely breath taking.

After lunch we did some shopping in Oia before heading back to Fira. The sun, heat and hills had taken it's toll on us so we showered and headed out for a relaxing dinner at a restaurant perched on the cliff while watching another spectacular sunset. It really doesn't get any better than this. Santorini is a must for everyone. Oh, and we had to do another set of head stands for Joan.

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