Naxos to Santorini

Beautiful Santorini

August 29, 2005

Since our ferry ride to Santorini was at noon today we decided to sleep in. Well Tina and I slept in. Dena woke up early and did some exploring on her own. After traveling for 6 months Tina and I may have become a little lazy and not taking advantage of every minute of every day. When Dena arrived back at the pension we discovered she purchased our ferry ticket already so one less thing for us to do today. We checked out around noon and graciously thanked Rena and her father for their hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay at Sofi Pension. Here is a link if anyone wants to stay there sometime. Sofi Pension

The ferry took 2 hours for us to get to Santorini and coming up to the island was beautiful. The owner of our hotel picked us up and the port. We had to wait at the port of over an hour while he tried to fish up more clients. We arrived at the hotel and the room didn't have a view so we decided to only stay one night. We started our search for a new place to stay. We walked through town stopping here and there, not really impressed by any one place. All the searching made us hungry and we had to get some gyros. We found the McDonald's of gyros. Dena had a gyro and Tina and I had the felafel's. Not he best meal, but it got the job done and were ready to start our hotel search again. During our search we walked along the caldera as the sun began to set. Tina was playing around with the camera and we came up with our Charlies Angels pose.

We eventually agreed on placed we coined grandma's because of the nice old lady running it and the decor of the place. The place had a great view, the right price, but really needed some updating and the bathroom was really small. We wanted the view, so we took it. That night we didn't unpack since we would be moving the next day.

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