Santorini-the island of fabulous views, expensive breakfasts and long and winding stairs

August 31, 2005

We woke up sore and a bit stiff today after our hike but Dena and I had agreed to run the Santorini stairs the night before and we kept good on our deal. Rubbing our eyes and getting our shoes on we were out the door by 7:30 am to hit the stairs. The town was pretty much dead at this hour so it was great to see the vendors making their deliveries and the local dogs just getting a start to their day too. As we headed down the stairs we had two dogs who escorted us down most of the way. One reminded me of Marley and so it was an especially nice way to start my early morning. I know what you're thinking 7:30 am isn't early but in our world it is and I'm going to milk it for all its worth. Anyway we got down to the dock and sat down a bit to take in the peaceful view before heading back up the 678 stairs, give a take a few. I'm pretty sure that was the number. My legs felt like bricks as we started but I figured I'd run as long as I could and walk when needed. After 4 steep switchbacks I walked one and looked up to see the first restaurant closer than I thought. I decided to continue up slowly and as I climbed I passed the local transportation, i.e. donkeys, eating their breakfast before they started their horrible day of transporting tourists up and down those stairs. Yeah and that breakfast also provided many obstacles to avoid during the run as well. Dena and I agreed just to meet back at the room so I ran a bit further south after finishing the stairs because I think my legs would have frozen solid if I stopped then. Once we finished our runs we met back at grandmas to pack up and move once again to another hotel. The new hotel was on the caldera side but had a nicer room and pool so we decided to splurge a bit. Grandma seemed pretty upset that we were leaving but her room was just too small and the water pressure was the worst we've even experience-even our bucket showers provided a stronger rush of water.

By this time I was starving so I went out to grab some breakfast goodies and when I came back Dena and Craig were sitting down by the pool with gloomy faces. I asked what had happened and they thought the hotel provided a free breakfast buffet only to find out it cost 10 Euro per person! That included some cheese, eggs and bread so they were both understandably upset and I couldn't blame them. Since we got so fried on our walk to Oia we decided to stay in the shade today so while I caught up on my magazines Dena did some shopping and Craig relaxed with me. Later that night we made some spaghetti and figured out our ferry back to Athens for the next day. We were all bummed to leave Santorini as it was gorgeous and we had such a spectacular time.

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