Santorini to Athens

How far to Athens?

September 1, 2005

We caught the 10:00 am ferry to Athens today and thought the ferry was only going to be an 8 hour trip. Once we got on the ferry we were forced to go to the upper deck since we bought the cheapest tickets. We sat down right away and put the bags down. I told Dena and Tina to look for a better place while I watched the bags. After 10 minutes Dena comes back and say she got us into the cabin. Tina shows up a few minutes later and we walked down to the cabin. Dena put on her charm and told the guy it was too hot on the deck and wondered how much for us to upgrade our tickets. He let us in for free. The cabin area had A/C, a table and nice chairs for us to sit in. We read all day and dined on PB&J's. After the 8 hours on the ferry we thought we should be getting to Athens soon. Not the case. Dena asked somebody and found out this was a 11 hour trip. Better to be on a 11 hour ferry trip then a 11 bus trip. We arrived in Athens and started calling around for a place to stay and everything was booked. We finally found a place and took the subway to get there. We found out why this place had room. It was a s**t hole. The room could barely fit in a bunk bed, plus we had to put another bed on the floor. We left the room immediately to get a gyro and a beer. Good thing we're such good friends because we slept very close to each other tonight.

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