The National Gardens and The Body Shop hunt

September 3, 2005

Day two in Athens and I was on a mission. I was jones'n for some girly products so we went on a wild goose chase to find a Body Shop store. Once we found the shopping area around the Parliament Dena noticed a girl with one of their sacks and she grabbed her and asked her where the store was. Nice catch Dena! I finally got some products which didn't contain whitening ingredients which is all you can find in most of SE Asia. After my little splurge we walked to the National Gardens and took a seat among the ducks to relax and catch up on our reading. We all agreed that the gardens were a great place to get away from the traffic of Athens for a picnic, jog or just watching people. A couple of hours passed by quickly so we headed back to pension to freshen up and were on a mission to find a gyro stand for dinner. We are all BIG fans of the local "gyro man" as we call him affectionately in Ames so the standard was set high. Unfortunately we found a cheap gyro window but they just didn't live up to what we had in mind so the search continues....

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