That's a 6.4 from the US judge

September 4, 2005

Day 3 of our tour of Athens. Dena got up early today for a run and to check out the farmer's market which wasn't quite what she had in mind. It turned out to be more in line with a flea market so she only returned with a loaf of bread. Once I got out of bed I also went for a quick jog and passed by numerous tour buses rolling up to the Acropolis so visiting on a weekday seemed like it paid off. Once we all got back to the room we got ready for the day. We were all feeling a bit tired so we took our time and did some more sightseeing and window shopping. The gyro search continues and we found a restaurant which did a decent take away gyro so we sat along the street and helped ourselves to some yummy gyros. Along our way to Panathenian Stadium we watched the changing of the guards at the Parliament which is always good fun. With our new zoom lens we were able to get some good close ups of the guards uniforms.

Our next stop was to the Panathenian Stadium. We were all hoping we could go inside and maybe run a lap around the track, but unfortunately it was closed to the public. Instead we waited until most of the other tourists had left and got the camera set up for another headstand for Joan. We were all set up and just before the camera took the picture Craig fell down and our cameras battery went dead so we had a good laugh and said we'd try again later. Guess what we had for dinner later the night????

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