Meteora Monasteries

August 7, 2005

Today we woke up after one of the best nights rest we've had in a long time. The town of Kalambaka is so utterly quiet and peaceful we almost forgot what it was like waking up at 5:00 am to motorbike horns and roosters. We decided to get some laundry done and then head up to the monasteries. There are plenty of local buses which will take you around to the 6 remaining monasteries (there were 24 monasteries at one time), but we really wanted to get our legs moving after so much travel time. We consulted George who showed us the way to the path up to the monasteries. The trail was a mix of cobblestone and dirt which was so Europe to me, at least what my idea of Europe would be. Once we reached the top we went to the nearest monastery where we talked to the man working there a bit about how to say thank you in Greek and so on. He handed Craig some stylin pants to wear and I got a wrap skirt to wear within the monastery.

This particular monastery was one of the smaller of the 6 but it had some great panoramic views. After viewing that monastery we climbed yet another hill to reach one of the larger monasteries which had some amazing paintings on the walls and ceilings which are currently being restored. Unfortunately most of the garden areas were off limits to visitors but they were beautiful and looked like an ideal area for reading a book or having a picnic within the clouds.

We decided to walk down through the village of Kastraki where we picked up some local fruit and veggies. Dinner was some crusty wheat bread, fresh tomatoes and feta cheese sandwiches and grapes for dessert. We are both loving the new food choices here after 15 weeks of rice and vegetables in SE Asia.

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