Keszthely to Sopron

Hungarian Hospitality

September 26, 2005

With a 10:00 am checkout and a 4:20 pm bus to Sopron, we had to pack up our bags, but leave them at the pension. Days like this are always interesting. You have to find something to do without have a home base. We started the day by doing a little shopping. I bought a new sweater which I think I will be using a lot in the last three months of our trip. You may get sick of seeing me wear it in our photos, but hey, we've had an external summer for the last seven months and we don't have a lot of warm clothes. Next, we spent some time at the Internet, but we kept it short since it was expensive. The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the beautiful Autumn day by the lake just relaxing on a park bench.

Our bus departed at 4:20 exactly and we arrived in Sopron at 8:00 pm in the dark with no map and no place to stay. I saw a couple of pension signs as we drove through town and our guide book mentioned one hostel. We ventured out in the hopes of finding a map or stumbling across a cheap place to stay. After walking around for a half hour aimlessly, we gave up and decided to ask for help. We walked into a four star hotel thinking the receptionist would speak English. He spoke some English, but his friend was fluent. She offered to walk us to the hostel which was near her home. It took us twenty minutes to walk to the hostel and in this time we learned our guide Clara takes the train to Austria every day to attend school because they offer German, French and English. They only offer German in Hungary. She told us she wanted to help us out so she could practice her English and show that Hungarian people are nice. She thinks some of the older generation Hungarians are rude and she wanted to make sure to give her country a good impression. After getting us to our hostel we graciously thanked Clara for her help. She left and we checked into an eight bedroom dorm room and we were the only people to occupy the room. We were out of food and the super markets were all closed, so we found a cheap pizzeria to finish off the night.

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