Lovely day trip, ugly return

September 22, 2005

Today we took a daytrip north to the town of Szentendre. The town is about 45 minutes north of Budapest via commuter train. The town is set along the Danube River bend so once we got into town we enjoyed a picnic overlooking the river. Once we finished relaxing we walked around the town which had some charming art galleries and steep narrow streets. All in all a great place to wind down after a couple hectic days touring Budapest. We were both looking forward to a quiet night in reading our books when we arrived back at our hostel. However, when we opened the door to our room we noticed that our bags had been moved and our beds had other people's stuff on them. I asked the receptionist what the story was and he said the previous guy working had sold our beds because we hadn't paid for them yet. We were completely floored. Craig had told the guy the night before that we were staying 2 more nights and when we left in the morning they didn't ask if we were checking out or wanted us to pay. They didn't even ask for the key back so it just didn't add up. After going over these facts repeatedly the guy from the hostel phoned up another hostel nearby and booked two beds for us there. We left in a state of confusion and were pretty ticked off. We walked to the other hostel which ended up being a dump and cost $2 more. We decided to wing it and try another place we had heard good things about. Fortunately the guy let us use his phone to reserve some beds with the new hostel. As we checked in our anger turned into glee because the new place, Caterina Hostel, was cheaper and the entire place was sparkling clean. Our travel angel was looking after us again. Don't you just love happy endings?

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