Tour day in Budapest

September 21, 2005

We toured most of the major tourist sites in Budapest today and being cheap we did it all on foot. This made for an eight hour day of walking around town. Our day started by walking through City Park where we saw the Vajdahunyad Castle and Heroes Square. Next, we headed to the Terror museum which was recommend to us by James, Genvieve and our hostel receptionist. Again, being broke we have to selectively choose which museums we go to and we decided this was the one for our visit to Budapest. The terror museum went through the history of the Hungarian people from the Nazi occupation in 1941 to the Soviet withdrawal in 1991. The building which the museum sits was witness to two shameful and tragic periods in Hungary's 20th century history. It was truly the a house of terror. In 1944, during the gruesome domination of the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party, the building, known as the "House of Loyalty" was the party headquarters of the Hungarian Nazis. Then between 1945 and 1956 the notorious communist terror organization, the AVĂ“ and its successor, the AVH, took up residence there. The museum commemorates the victims of terror and they do it in a very artistic manner. The artistic design put into this museum is amazing, but unfortunately the don't allow camera, so we are not able to pass it along to you. I guess you will have to visit if for yourself sometime. The Parliament building was next on our tour. The Parliament building is located on the Danube river on the Pest side of the river. A quick walk around the building and we crossed the Danube river using the Chain bridge to Buda. Our time in Buda consisted of visiting the Mathias Church, the Buda Royal Palace, the Citadel and their surrounding areas. After a visit to the train station to research tickets and a stop at the super market we headed back to our hostel to rest our legs and have dinner. The rest of the night was spent drinking a couple bottle of cheap wine, $2.50 a bottle, and swapping travel stories with two guy from England.

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