Luang Namtha to Muang Sing

Chinese Border

May 28, 2005

We took a sawngthaew from Luang Namtha to Muang Sing today. At the bus station we me a couple from France who recommended a placed called Adima 8 km outside of Muang Sing. They just came from there. During the sawngthaew ride we met a couple from the States, Jay and Emily. We also met a couple from Israel, Roy and Ellen. We chatted mostly with Jay and Emily on the ride and told them about the recommendation from the French couple. We found out on the rid the French couple also recommended Adima to Roy and Ellen. Once we got to Muang Sing we had lunch with Jay and Emily. Roy and Ellne decided to take a tuk tuk out to Adima right away. The four of us met them at Adima a half hour later.

From the Adima guest house we were only a few kilometers away from the Chinese border. Tina and I decided to walk to the border. We read only Lao and Chinese could cross at this border and we didn't have a Visa for China, but it was worth a try and we wanted some exercise.

It was a nice forty minute walk to the border. As we figured, we couldn't cross. We talked to the border guards for a few minutes then decided to head back. On the way back we stopped at a hut to buy some water. The lady who sold us the water motioned for us to sit down. We sat there watching some Thai or Chinese program form there satellite TV when she gave us some type of fruit we've never seen before. It looked like and avocado on the outside. I took the first bite, the skin wasn't so good, but the flesh was great. It had a citrus flavor to it. I looked over at the lady and said, "Mmm." Tina told me later she thought I was full of it at this point until she tried the fruit herself. She agreed, the skin was bad, but the flesh was great. We tried to figure out what it was; we think the lady was trying to say, "Lay." This was probably the Lao word for it so who knows.

We thanked her and her husband for the fruit, took a couple more for the road and began to walk back to Adima. We took a few pictures on our walk back.

At night we watched the sunset over the mountains from the deck of our room. When it was dark the lighting bugs came out. The lighting bugs were everywhere and blinking so fast. They blink so much faster here than compared to the ones in the Iowa.

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