Coromandel to Mt. Maunganui

Visiting friends!

February 28, 2005

On the road again. We woke up to our first rain since we arrived but it quickly let up. Today consisted of stopping through Hahei to see Cathedral Cove and Hot Beach. After we found Mt. Maunganui we walked around the Mount and checked out the beach scene before we got in touch with our friends JT and Andrea. Knowing what travelers need we sat down for a few beers at their house and figured out our plans for the night. We hit a Turkish takeaway for some amazing falafel and mixed grill kebabs. From there we headed to the Salt Water Hot Pool for a relaxing dip. While at the pool we started a conversation with a couple nearby and they were from the town that the Hobbit Town was in and said it was a big rip off. They explained it as some holes in the ground for $50 per person. That's a bit steep for our budget so we picked up the brochure instead-sorry Chad! Got to bed at a decent hour as we have Zorbing to look forward to tomorrow!!

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