March 1, 2005

Today we ZORB'd and it rocked. We took off from Mt. Maunganui and traveled to Rotorua so we can ZORB. For those of you who do not know what ZORBing is, it's where you get inside the middle of a big plastic ball and roll down the hill. Check out this picture to see what I mean.

We decided to do the hydro ZORB. This is where you put on your swim gear, they put some water inside the ZORB and you slide around while you roll down the hill. We forget to bring our swimwear with us on this day so we had to hire(rent) some for the ride. Here we are in our in our swim gear.

Let me tell you, this has been one of the most fun things we have done since we have been here. We both thought this would be a little boring after watching other people go down. We were very wrong. To get in the ZORB you have to do a superman jump to get in and when I did my swimsuit came down to my knees. I pulled up my swimsuit quick while I watched Tina make her jump in. Now that we are both in we had to stand up to get the ball rolling and once it started rolling we both fell down and slid all over not knowing which way was up. I laughed like a little girl the entire way down and so did Tina. After the ZORB we drove around the Blue and Green lakes just outside of Rotorua and ate our peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. The peanut butter sandwiches are getting pretty old at this point, but the cheaper we can live each day the longer our trip will last. Rotorua is surrounded by thermal activity and gases spewing, so we went to a local park to check them out. That was fun for about 20 minutes, but we couldn't stand the smell of the sulfuric acid anymore, so we headed back to JT's and Andrea's place in Mt. Maunganui.

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