Napier & Hastings

Wine Tasting

March 5, 2005

On Saturday we decided to do a wine tasting tour and off we went by 10:00. Now some of the wineries open at 10 and others at 11. The first winery we hit we were the only people there and we definitely felt a bit zippy after we left. On to #2 which was great, they gave us the tour of the facilities and the guide was very enthusiastic about their winery and gave us a history of their operation as well. Craig and I both thought it would be a lovely place for a wedding reception and she noted that they had 3 weddings a week scheduled for the summer season. Maybe for when we renew our wedding vows?? The one cool thing that we noticed at this winery was a group who came through before us who were doing a Bike & Wine Tour which looked like so much fun. The concept I guess is that the buzz you get from each winery you will sweat out during your ride to the next one. It looked like a blast if you were in a fun group of people. Our next winery was also nice and we bought 2 bottles at this place-each costing about $12NZ and they were both really good. Very few of these wineries sell to the US as the California wines have the market share in the US. We were told by the last wine guide about an ethnic festival in Hastings so we decided that would be a nice way to balance out the vino. After that we hit the local chocolate shop for some treats which is always a great way to end the day. We headed back to our hostel and made some pasta and enjoyed our first bottle of wine on the front porch under a setting sun. This was one of those great days that you wish wouldn't end.

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