Wellington to Picton

Heading to the South Island

March 11, 2005

Up early to make our 9:30 ferry. We are on the way to Picton, NZ today. The ferry will take 3 hours and it's looking like a great day is forming... Well we are in the South Island now. The ferry ride was spectacular to say the least. Coming through the sound was amazing and having lush green mountains on both sides of us was breathtaking. I'm so glad we didn't go super cheap and take the night ferry as it would have been a bummer to miss the great scenery. As we neared Picton we were greeted by some of the local dolphins out having a swim. It was so cool to see them along the side of the boat doing their water acrobatics. I tried to get picture of one in mid air but this is what I could catch. We think Picton is just what the doctor ordered after Wellington's hussle and bussle. From what we've seen in a couple of hours Picton is a low key town with a quaint, easy going feel. We'll be here for two days and then on to Nelson. This is the hostel we're at right now:

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