Picton, NZ

My birthday spent at the police station

March 13, 2005

Today Craig and I had planned to drive from Picton to Nelson. We were all ready to go and just got done filling the car up with gas and getting ice for our cooler. On our way out of town we took one last picture of Picton and as I got into the car I noticed that the entire roof was collapsed. Now I'm not talking about just a little dent, we are talking collapsed. After further inspection we noticed plenty of muddy shoe prints on the roof and one thought came to our head-Saturday night=drunken fool=Tina gets to spend her bday at the police station. Luckily for us the cop who we dealt with was super cool and even noted "Holy Shit" when he saw the damage. Evidently this has happened one other time in Picton and they were able to take prints from the car and actually got the kid. There were plenty to choose from on our white car so after we did the paperwork he got ready to dust the car. It was very CSI or maybe CSI Picton that is. He got a few really good ones and the rest of the day Craig and I walked around town wondering which punk it was who was wearing the shoe prints taken from our car.

But all was not lost on something out of our hands. We went back to our hostel to find they had one double left which was in a flat separate from the other building so we have an entire apartment to ourselves and another couple from England. We got a 6 pack, some wine and Craig treated me to some pizza, cheesecake and apple pie for my birthday. So all in all it has been a good day. Tomorrow is my birthday in the States so I get to be queen for another day.

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