Bungy Jumping Today

March 19, 2005

Ahh today was a great day! We slept in 'til 9:15 and did our bungy jump by 11:00. We did our bungy jump just outside of Queenstown at the Kawarau bridge over the Kawarau River. Tina was lucky enough to go first and I could see the fear in her eyes as she began to walk to platform. As Tina was standing on the edge to jump off the guy gave her instructions and he started counting, "one, two, three" and Tina said, "wait wait wait". She wasn't ready to jump and I could really see the fear in her eyes now. The launch guy spoke to her a little bit more and counted off again, "one, two, three" and Tina jumped off the platform head first screaming as she went down. Her head went completely under the water and she sprang back up with her shirt around her head and giving a peep show the the crowd. She quickly pulled her shirt down while she bounced up and down. As she slowed down the boat came out to pick her up.

My turn came and the launch guy asked me if I wanted to touch the water or not. Of course I said yes. Then he said how much water do you want, so I had to ask what is better more or less water. I already knew the answer that that question, so I went for more water. After tying up my legs I wobbled out to the edge of the platform and start looking directly down at the water. I'm not nervous or scared yet. The launch guy starts counting off, "one, two. three". I start to lean forward and I begin to fall head first towards the river. I'm still not scared yet. The water starts getting closer and closer and I start to yell as loud as I can. O.K. The nerves are kicking in and rush begins. Right before I hit the water I tuck in my chin, close my eyes and splash I hit the water. I open my eyes to see my shirt is stuck around my head. I pull my shirt off my head and realize that I'm bouncing up and down soaked from my head to my waist. I yell some more out of excitement and start looking for Tina, so I can wave to her while I'm dangling upside down with my shirt in my hands. This is one of the coolest adrenalin rushes I have ever done. Paragliding is still number one, but this beats out skydiving for sure.


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