Hike in Sinaia and the Peles castle

September 11, 2005

We woke up this morning with the intent of hiking a trail near the cable car to the top of the mountain. We began by heading to the a couple travel agencies looking for trail maps but didn't have any luck. We walked around the cable car area and didn't see any trails so we decided to check out the local castle Peles. The walk to the castle is on a long cobblestone road walking through the woods. Its such a gorgeous walk but the street is full of vendors selling really bad souvenirs. The castle is really grand site and a beautiful structure.

With the castle checked off our list we were ready for hike to burn off the weight we gained while hanging out with Dena in Greece. We found a nice steep trail on the backside of the castle. The trail was in amazing shape and it took us about an hour to reach the top where there was a huge grass field. Several people were setting up camp for the day hanging out in the field. We found our own little plot and had our usual lunch PB&J with an apple for dessert. We may have changed it up and had a banana for lunch today. I don't remember. We stayed there taking in the view for an hour until the cool wind blowing on our sweat drenched clothes told us it was time to head back down. That night we went back to the super market for a couple things and made sure we got our money back from the beer bottles.

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