Dracula's Castle

September 13, 2005

Today was our official tourist trap day. Our Lonely Planet sang the praises of the famous Bran Castle, aka Dracula's Castle, as one of the sights no one should miss while visiting the area. The guidebook also noted that the bus station we would need was only 2km from the trains station. It turned out to be closer to 5km which isn't that bad, but makes a big difference when you're planning to catch a certain bus. Fortunately, the buses leave every 30 minutes to Bran so it wasn't a problem. As you enter the castle area there are vendors on each side selling Dracula garb and plenty of souvenirs. We paid the entrance fee and decided not to pay the extra fee to use our camera. As we walked through the castle we noted how elaborate the woodwork and decorations were, but overall felt that the experience didn't live up to the hype. We both enjoyed the Peles Castle in Sinaia much more. Once we arrived back into Brasov we did some more sightseeing around town and were impressed with the architecture and cute plazas and parks of the city.

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