Dracula, werewolves and vampires

September 16, 2005

We arrived into Sighisoara early this morning and since we were going on little sleep we found the nearest hostel available and relaxed for a bit. The weather was a bit dreary but after a quick shower we ventured out to check out the town. we walked around the main squares and took in the nice views from the Citadel, Clock town and Church of the Dominican Monastery. I had also read that there was a vegetarian restaurant which served American goodies like brownies and lemon pie, but when we arrived all they had left were PB&J sandwiches(how ironic), chili w/ meat and ham & cheese sandwiches. That didn't live up to my expectations so we grabbed a pizza at a nearby restaurant and talked about our upcoming travel plans for the rest of Romania. Later that night as were were walking back from an internet cafe we walked by the Clock Tower and just above it was the moon shining intensely with eerie clouds covering it every minute of so. It was the epitome of what one imagines when they think of Transylvania. I think we both picked up the pace back to our room that night-quite creepy!

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