Sighisoara to Cluj-Napoca

The lessons we are learning

September 18, 2005

Today was a cold one. We quickly at the breakfast our hostel provided and went to purchase our train tickets to Cluj-Napoca. When we arrived in Cluj a couple hours later is was really chilly and were were ready to find our hostel. Unfortunately our LP (Lonely Planet) doesn't include a map of every city so we had to find an internet cafe to find our bearings and to make sure we were heading in the right direction. The hostel, Retro Hostel, had some beds available and the staff was really helpful w/ some of our questions so we took off in search of some grub. After a much needed bowl of soup we left to find an internet cafe so all of you dedicated fans wouldn't be left in the lurch for more updates and pictures. Unfortunately, the bad weather packed them in so we weren't able to find an open computer. Instead we shared stories w/ our roommates and fell soundly asleep to the rain pattering the skylights.

To recap, the lesson we learned today was how important directions are in a new city.

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