Personal tour of Sibiu

September 15, 2005

We woke up this morning feeling a little heavy from the fire water and beer. Maria made me eggs while Tina enjoyed some local cheese and tomatoes. Mike told us he had a friend who speaks English and a car who should be coming over anytime to take us around town. We cleaned up right away and soon after Mike's friend Radu came over. Radu just graduated from High School and is starting college this year. He is very fluent in English and very easy to talk to. We all jumped in his car and began to chat away. Mike told us that him and Maria had to get some paperwork notarized, but Radu would give us a little tour and we would meet up with them later.

Our first stop with Radu was the lookout tower where we ascended the many stairs for a wonderful view of Sibiu. Radu explained some the of the history of the town to us an a little bit about the architecture of the buildings. At this point last nights meal wasn't agreeing with me and I asked Radu if their was a toilet anywhere close. He said we could have a drink at the local restaurant below and I could use their toilet. Tina took a few pictures before we headed to the restaurant. If was a beautiful autumn day and we just hung out on the patio of the restaurant talking to Radu. He updated us about Romania and we told him stories about our trip. After a while Mike and Maria joined us and before long we took off on our tour again. We stopped off at one of the churches where we ascended to the bell tower and had an incredible view of the Sibiu. Radu showed us the old wall surrounding the town and gave a short history lesson on his city. We were both amazed including Mike on how much Radu knew about his city. He did a paper on his city a few years back in High School. Lucky us!

Later in the afternoon it began to rain so we stopped in for some food at a restaurant. Good thing we had the locals with us because it was all written in Romanian. After dinner we went back to Mike and Maria's. Radu left to be with his girlfriend. We were sitting around enjoying some more of the local brew when couple walks through the door. They were Maria and Mike's friends. Her name happen to be Maria too. I don't remember his name. They spoke almost no English and Maria (Mike's wife) could understand only a little English. The night was spent with Mike be the translator back and forth. A lot of the laughs were delayed after Mike's translations. Later in the evening Maria and Mike made us corn bread balls with cheese melted in the middle. Mmm mmm good. Radu showed up again to help finish off the night. We needed to catch the bus or train to Sigishora the next morning and needed to be there by 8:00 am. Radu was gracious enough to offer us a ride that for tomorrow morning. It was late and we needed to get up early so we called it a night.

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