Cluj to Budapest

Bus to Hungary

September 20, 2005

More rain. We were up early to catch our bus to Budapest. Our hostel told us the bus was a cheaper option over the train and together we saved about $30 taking the bus. During the trip we met a guy who was from Romania but is now working in London. He gave us a good education lesson on Romania and the difficulties the locals face and the food of the region. While Craig talked to him I took a long nap and that made the ride seem to pass by much quicker. Once we arrived in Budapest we found our way to the Red Bus Hostel 2 and checked in for a couple of nights. As we cooked our dinner we started chatting with Jim and Genevieve who were from London and Mississippi respectively. Their dorm room was full of 18 years old so they asked if we wanted to get for a bit and we took them up on their offer. We had a nice night out checking out a couple of the local jazz clubs.

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