Backpacker Blues

December 29, 2005

Since we got to our hostel at around 2 am last night we were pretty wiped. As we walked from the bus stop to the hostel on Las Ramblas there were guys selling cans of beer throughout the entire ped mall. We've had a lot of things offered to us while traveling but this one actually made a bit of sense to us. They probably make a nice profit off of the gig too since the stores stop selling beer at 11 pm.

Anyway, back to today. We headed out to find a room for the weekend as our hostel and most others were booked solid. To our surprise we found a private room two blocks away and jumped on it. With that taken care of we walked along Las Ramblas and enjoyed the entertainment . All along the street are perfomers working the crowds and they were the best we've seen.

I was also on the hunt for some new shoes as mine have seen their day. I bought them in Australia and they are way past their expiration date. I've been getting some looks since they have two big holes in them so I've had enough. Craig also thought of a diddy to express my feelings. I'll share:

-She's got holes in her shoes and the backpacker blues.

So out with the old and in with the new.

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