Happy New Year!

December 31, 2005

Today started with a walk to the train station. We've read that booking your train travel 1 day ahead is vital in Spain so we though we'd get that done and see more of the city in the process. Compared to other European cities we've found Barcelona very walker friendly with its wide sidewalks and plenty of crosswalks. We made it to the station in about 30 minutes and were shocked when we found out the overnight train was full for tomorrow and Monday. Since this changed our plans we sat down to talk about our options. There was a day train to Granada so we decided to take that one. We grabbed a new number and when we were called we got the day train tickets issued. Because I was interested to find out if this was usual for Spain or just the holidays I asked the new teller about the night train. Before I could finish my sentence she looked up the info on the night train and asked if we wanted tickets for that train instead. A bit taken back we said yes if it was available and she nodded and 1 minute later our plans changed again. We wondered if there was a communication breakdown with the first teller of if he'd started his New Years festivities early this morning. Either way we got what we needed taken care of and had the rest of the day to wander around. Eventually we ended up in the La Ribera district again and this time we decided to take in the Chocolat Museum. One of Barcelona's newest museums, the Chocolat Museum offers a nice history of the introduction of chocolate into our lives, its production and amazing works of art made solely in chocolate. There is a Sagrada Familia reproduction within the heavenly smelling gallery which is absolutely stunning and much have taken hundreds of hours to produce. The only downfall was that they have stopped offering a free chocolate sampling at the end of the tour but there is a cafe and gift shop if you really can't wait for a fix. Later on, as the guests in our pension started to get crazy, we grabbed a can of beer at the mini mart and walked down Las Ramblas to the harbor. There was plenty of interesting characters out to entertain us. As the clock approached midnight we talked about what a fantastic year we've had. At midnight we clinked our beer cans and rang in 2006 with hundreds of strangers who were dancing in their underwear and letting off fireworks over the water. We're not sure that 2006 can live up to the year 2005 was for us, but we'll try our best.

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