Ningún Sueño Ayer Por La Noche

January 2, 2006

As budget travelers we opted for the standard seats for our overnight train last night instead of a sleeper. As expected, we didn't get any sleep last night. The crying baby, the mother who kept putting her feet up on Tina's chair, and the obnoxious drunk kid didn't help with the impossible sleeping position of sitting upright. So we were a little tired when we arrived in Granada and this might explain our hour long walk around he city trying to find the center of town. We followed the ciudad centro signs out from the train station, but this just led us around the town in an hour long circle instead of the fifteen minutes it should have taken. Once we found the town center we found a room where we took a nice long nap. We woke up mid afternoon to walk around the town. During our walk we stumbled upon a parade. We think the parade represented the Moroccans handing the key to the city to the Spaniards as they did many years ago when the Spaniards reclaimed their land again.

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