Día De Tres Reyes

January 5, 2006

First off: Happy Birthday Jason

Our day began today with a visit to the Museo Taurino (bullfighting museum) which is inside the Plaza de Toros. The Plaza de Toros was built in 1785 and is considered the home of bullfighting. Ronda and Seville (soon to be visited by us) are Spain's two legendary bullfighting towns and the museum here in Ronda gave us a nice insight to the history of bullfighting in Spain. We were able to walk throughout the entire stadium on our self guided tour and enjoy the stadium at leisurely pace. It really is an amazing building. We both believe bullfighting is a cruel sport but could still appreciate it as a strong part of Spain's culture.

Leaving the Plaza de Toros we crossed over the bridge towering over the El Tajo gorge and walked the trail to the bottom of the gorge. Not too many people ventured down this way which made for a peaceful walk. We found another trail for the long way back to town while enjoying the warm sunny day.

Back in town we stopped in our room for a quick bite to eat before going back out to wander the streets of this pretty town. We stopped in the Internet cafe for a quick check of emails. When leaving the Internet cafe we could here this loud music and to our surprise there was another parade. This one was much bigger than the one we witnessed in Granada a few days ago. The parade was for Día De Tres Reyes (Three King's Day) which is really on the 6th. All the kids receive presents on the morning of the 6th. The three kings sneak into the house at night to bring presents to the children to open in the morning. This is a representation of the the three wise men bringing the presents to baby Jesus. This has been a tradition for many years in Spain and recently they have also adopted the idea of Santa Clause. The kids now get presents twice during this time of year. Back to the parade. The parade consistantly mostly of floats with teenagers dressed up as kings throwing bags and bags worth of candy into the crowd. There was candy flying everywhere. People were getting pelted in the head. The streets with littered with candy but not for long. Everyone was scrounging for the free candy. Kids were walking away with grocery bags full of candy. One guy had a great idea and held an umbrella upside down the whole time. He walked away with a full umbrella. We ended up with a nice stash of candy ourselves. When the parade was over we retired to our rooms to start a 3 week long sugar binge.

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