Roman aqueducts

February 6, 2006

Today we woke up to a sunny, but brisk, morning. Since Segovia isn't that large of a city we decided to have a leisurely breakfast and then headed out to view the Roman aqueducts. Let me just tell you how amazing these aqueducts are up close and personal! I believe they are the largest and best preserved in the world and we could believe it. They are absolutely huge and to grasp the amount of labor which went into building them is almost mind boggling. Not to mention that no mortar or clamps were used during their creation. Throughout the day we walked around the city's winding alleys and streets and inevitably we always ended up near the aqueducts, that's the pull they have on people. The elevation of the city and its surrounding mountains also contributed to the beauty of the aqueducts. As the sun started to set we found the last patch of sunlight to people watch and reminisce on the great times we've had on the trip. We capped off the day with a big mug of melted chocolate, aka hot cocoa, and headed back to the comfort of our warm-ish room.

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