El Prado museum

February 9, 2006

Day two of our three day museum tour. Today we started off by taking a walk in the Noviciado neighborhood and then back over to the Retiro park for a picnic lunch. The day was warm and sunny and we weren't going to pass that up inside a museum so we waited until late afternoon to visit the El Prado. While the Prado is one of the best known museums the crowds weren't too overwhelming while we visited. Most of the works on display are from the 6th to 19th centuries and feature painters from France, Germany, Italy and Spain. After about 30 minutes we realized that most of the works weren't "moving" us so we did a quick sweep of the remaining galleries and left. Afterwards we decided to catch a band playing at the Cafe' la Palma. The band was Timber and they seem to have a decent following. The set was fairly short and we both enjoyed most of their music and by 1 am we were ready to call it a day.

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