One Night in Bangkok

April 26, 2005

We landed in Bangkok at 5:00 am yesterday. It was so hot this early in the morning. We walked around Bangkok yesterday and sweated the entire time. We sweat more just walking around yesterday than we did on our 1/2 hour runs in Australia. The hostel we are staying is 600 baht ($15) a night with free breakfast and this is on the higher side for Thailand. We already booked a hostel in Chiang Mai for 160 baht($4) a night. Hopefully it's not a dump. A 1.5 liter bottle of water cost 5 baht ($0.13) . That Rocks, because we need to drink plenty of it

I'm writing this travelogue from here.

Wow, I'm sweating just typing.

We had lunch at this Indian restaurant which was very good. I had a chic pea curry and I don't remember what Tina had. After our dinner was over our server brought us over two cups with warm water and a lime in them. We both looked at each other and said what do we do with this. We decided that it was an after dinner drink, although Tina thought it might be for cleaning our hands. Tina took a small sip and her back was facing the servers. Well, when I took a sip they started laughing at me and came over to correct me. Not knowing any Thai I just gestured a drinking motion and she shook her head and continued to laugh. All we could do was laugh along with them. The water is there to dip your fingers for a light wash of the hands, so chalk one up for Tina. It then dawned on us that we just drank some of the tap water. Just like in Mexico this is not good. Neither one of us took a big drink but we hope we don't get Montezuma's Revenge. On that subject, everyone who has traveled here has said it's not if you will get sick, it's when will you get sick. I just read something this morning that is usually gets you in about 2 weeks. Great, we can't wait for that.

We just bought our VISAS for Laos yesterday so we are definitely going to Laos. It just makes sense if we are going to Vietnam and Cambodia. Get out the atlas and check it out. We will head north to Chiang Mai in Thailand and spend about 3 weeks there. From there we will head north east into Laos where will will spend 3-4 weeks in the northern area of Laos. Next will head east into northern Vietnam. We will work our way to southern Vietnam before heading back west into Cambodia. After Cambodia we will spend a few more weeks in Thailand before fly out of Bangkok to Greece. Thailand only allows you to be here for 30 days at a time, but if you leave in and come back you get another 30 days.

The picture on the left is from the roof of our 5 story hostel. If you look close you can see Tina sitting at a table in the middle of the picture. The one on the right
was taken from our room on the 3rd floor of the hostel.

This picture on the left is from the hallway of our hostel. The one on the right was taken from the roof of our hostel just after a down pour of rain. The guy in the picture just jumped out of his window and walked along the ledge to fix something.

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