Wat Tour

April 27, 2005

Today we toured around smog filled Bangkok. The pollution here is really bad and the city really smells. We started our tour today by taking the sky train to the Chao Phata river. Figuring out the train was a little adventure in itself since we had to get off one train and transfer to another one. We didn't know which ticket to buy. Once we got the the Chao Phata river we had to figure out the boat system to take us up north where we wanted to visit the wats (temples).

The first wat we visited was Wat Po where the reclining Buddha was located. This Buddha is huge and amazing to see.

The next place we visited was the Grand Palace which was surround by temples. I can't remember all the details but here are the pictures.

Our next adventure was to find a place to eat for lunch. Tina read about a great vegetarian restaurant in our Lonely Planet guide book so we decided to try and find it. This trip definitely got us off the beaten path. We were walking around in neighborhoods where nothing was written with alpha characters, not even the street signs. They were all written in roman script. At one point we sat down on the curb of the street looking at our maps as all the locals walked past probably wondering why the tourist were in this area of town. After studying the map and still not knowing where we were at we just decided to walk a few more blocks. We finally found another wat and used this as our point of reference on the map. At this time some of the streets signs began having alpha characters again. We did find the restaurant and when we got there the only thing written in English and not in roman script was the "welcome" sign. Tina asked what items were vegetarian and the lady pointed to the food and said everything. Tina guessed at something to eat and so did I. We had know idea what we were eating but mine definitely had meat in eat. What kind of meat, I don't know. Tina's thinks her meal was completely vegetarian since it had tofu in it.

After lunch we walked around town some more. Walking around in this heat really makes for a long sweaty day. It was at least 90 degrees and 80% humidity. I checked online and said it feels like 110 degrees here.

At night we ate at our hostel where they provided traditional Thai food for 60 baht ($1.50) per person. We've had this dinner twice and it it very good. The Thai definitely like to spice up the food.

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