Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Take that United Airlines!

April 30, 2005

Today we took a hour long flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The flight only cost us 3120 baht ($78) for the both of us. It was about half the rate to take a 10 hour train ride 2nd class. For $78 how could we not fly? We had enough long, uncomfortable bus rides in Australia. We landed in Chiang Mai around 5:00 pm. This is was an hour late, but who cares when you are flying this cheap and you have no plans. We took our first tuk tuk for transportation today. I thought for sure he was going to take us the wrong place, but we ended up at our guest house with no problems. The name of the guest house is Julie's Guest House. Shayne and Nicole, Tina said this is where you stayed, but she isn't sure. A nice place with a 12 foot pool table, that's always a bonus for me. After checking in we ordered food from the guest house. The food was excellent! I have been loving the Thai food. There have been plenty of vegetarian options as well. I've been eating most of my meals without meat because the vegetarian options are so good.

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