Chiang Mai

Did a tornado come through here?

May 2, 2005

The first few days here have been kind of lazy. The weather is little bit cooler here compared to Bangkok. The higher elevation helps, especially at night. We've been walking around town and checking out a few of the local markets. I bought a homemade crossbow for $3 on Sunday. The whole thing is carved out of wood, including the little arrows. I can't wait to shoot it.

What a night we had last night though. A storm came through our part of town and did some serious damage. Tina and I were just relaxing outside reading our books after a nice long walk through town. As we are sitting outside reading lightning started to appear and the thunder was loud. I thought cool, so I went and got the camera to see if I could try to get some lightning pictures. I walked back to where Tina is sitting and by this time it turned into a complete down pour. A few minutes later the wind started picking up and the trees started to bend over. We both look at each other and go "Wow"! As I'm taking the picture below Tina saw something fly in the air. I think it was a piece of somebody's roof. Right after this picture was taken everything got really loud and the storm wasn't so cool anymore. It was getting a little scary.

The storm calmed down about 5 minutes later, but it still continued to rain heavily. We went back to our room to find out the windows were open, the floor was soaked and some our things were all over the room. The entire storm only lasted about a 1/2 hour, but did some serious damage in that small amount of time. Several big trees snapped including one at the front of the guest house. Here are some pictures 20 minutes after the storm.

Here is another picture that we just thought was interesting. I wonder if the Thai version below the English version is as blunt.

The storm knocked out the electricity for most of the town and we lived by candle light the rest of the night. We met a couple ladies from the states. One was from San Francisco and the other one was from Vail. We decided to go out to dinner with them at this point it was about 7:30 almost completely dark. As we walked down the street to find a restaurant the only lights were from the cars and motorbikes. We went to a Japanese restaurant where the cooks had to cook by candle light and we ate by candle light. The food was good and we retired back to our room to read our books again by candle light and a head lamp.

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